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  1. I think I can see the feeling that this would give yet at the same time I couldn’t do it, couldn’t have the remains of the majestic beast upon something so mundane as a wall.

    The deer head would be a no too.

  2. *lol* Wasn’t that a weird entry? I agree with you, by the way…I couldn’t just hang up a zebra skin, but I could put it in a meditation type room, or a situation that would honor the spirit of the animal. And I would never ever ever buy something like that. It would have to be a gift. Those deer heads–I need to do something with them–either bury them proper or make ceremonial masks out of them for all my wild neighbors to dance around the fire, in honor of the great deer spirits that leap through these mountains. We’re pretty wild round here, you should know. Something in that mountain water…

  3. I sense the wildness within you, through your posts, your art; it’s great!

    Understand what you mean with the gift meditation thing and I think that would put a whole new perspective on it all.

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