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Green Mother,

I feel roots going through my feet, down into your body, and I feel your energy rising up, nourishing me with ineffable delight. When I am calmed, and choose to, I can feel the consciousness of the forest: both the delicate orchestra of wind and branch, water and rock, and the living presence of each instrument. As always I am struck by the deepening realm of experience that opens to me when I choose it.

And in this choice, my own connection to you deepens, and I know myself to be bound by my love for you. You are my Green Mother, and my heart is cradled in your earthy palms. How easily your rose-scented body fills my being when I but press my nose to your velvet bloom. How generous are your gifts if I but open myself to receive them.

Mother, I am your servant. And this is all you ask of me:
To bless the trees with my outgoing breath.
To drink deep from the wild life of the waters.
To taste the sweet fruit of your body with gratitude.
To love as you do my father, and your lover, the Sun.

I fall at your feet and weep with joy for this life, this gift.
I am your daughter.


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