There’s a pair of wrens nesting near my house–maybe even in my house, in a small section that’s not sided –and I hear them throughout the day, their high chattering song encircling my home. I think they are winter wrens, which is even nicer, since they are a bit uncommon. There’s also lots of kingfishers about, with their rattling call and crisp soaring lines of flight over my garden.  And kestrels weaving through the forest.  All these birds are raising their young, caught up in the business of nests and eggs and feeding, feeding, feeding.

Sometimes I think this makes birds very scatterbrained. This time of year, when they are so busy. And it makes me think of myself, also caught up in the rigors of child-rearing. I talk to my sister on the phone, who is raising a seven-month-old, and I can barely remember how we handled certain issues of parenting. That time period is a blur of memories and the feeling of exhaustion coupled with fierce momma-joy. Now my kids are older, and there’s thankfully less exhaustion, but still all that nest work and of course open mouths. Feed me! Feed me! Feed me! The song of the wrens around my house reminds me that this is essentially a joyful act.*

McKinley has been sick since Friday. It’s been worrying me. I thought it might have been strep throat, and sent him to the doctor on Monday, but the doctor said it was just a bad cold. He seems to get just a tiny bit better each day, and last night he did not wake up coughing–a good sign. He seems to get every cold that comes around, and get it hard. I’ve been saturating his system with particular herbs–herbs for the lungs, herbs for the immune system, anti-viral herbs, and I think I"m going to keep that up once he’s well, too. I’m hoping today will be his last day home, not just because I wish him well, but also because my patience is wearing thin, even with all the wrensong encircling my home.

* I misspelled joyful act when I first typed it as joyful cat–and I’ve been worried about little wren feathers sticking out of my feline’s mouths–let’s hope that’s not a future reality!

In Other News:

I’ll be participating in this event come Saturday.  I know exactly what I’m going to paint, and I’m going to do some prep for it today & tomorrow.


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  1. Poor McKinley. 🙁

    Joyful cat. Paint it!

    The Paint Out looks like a lot of fun. I hope you’ll take pictures of your work.

  2. He was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed yesterday, and back at school today! Whew!

    Studio prep work for tomorrow commencing in just a few minutes!

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