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It is midnight. We are driving home. The van runs out of gas. And it is my fault.

That’s because I didn’t get gas when I was supposed to, because I am the perpetual and perfect procrastinator for all things mundane that includes getting gas, doing laundry, paying taxes. You get my drift.

It is midnight. We are walking home. It is beautiful.

The Moon is out. Silver everywhere. There are NO cars. Pretty soon we’re walking above the River. The sound of Her quick flow is magnetic. And I can see, from high above, the Moon light reflecting of Her Waters.

It is really, really beautiful.

I am happy.


what will happen when the oil is gone? — 2 Comments

  1. hey – i love this entry. if you read mine about last night, don’t worry, i’m ok now. i was really PMSing. there were joyful moments too. and everyone is so generous. it was all me.
    i have multiple happy images of you and J side by side – kid free – all lovey and cute and so at ease.
    maybe running out of gas was just the right thing. 🙂

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