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I found something I’d lost. Given up on. I was certain I would never find it again. A necklace given to me by my mother.

That is one reason why it was dear to me. Indeed she gave it to me over two years ago as a demonstration of her support as I was about to embark on a new leg of my journey as an artist. That, and the necklace is altogether mine. It’s not the necklace, really, it’s the stone that makes it. A piece of Ocean Jasper, dark green on one half, and light green on the other, separated by a golden seam. Interspersed throughout are tiny white dots encased in that same dusky gold. It has a very yin/yang feel to it, and my fingers delighted to hold it when I first saw it, walking through the shops of downtown with my mother and sisters. That she noticed that, and somehow managed to buy it without me catching on…well, she is my mother.

So when I realized it was not among my other necklaces I began to search the house for it. I did that a few times. It never showed. I had concluded that it was lost when I took it to a festival I was participating in. But today after my shower I put on my robe, which I rarely wear. I almost didn’t bother to determine exactly what was in my pockets, but sometimes we are guided in our oblivion. My hand pulled forth the stone that had slept among the red terrycloth of my pocket for seven months.

So it’s been given to me again, in the midst of a morning of bubbling confidence, of being warmed by the fires of self-faith. I begin another leg of my journey. Something in me knows this, though the map is not laid out before me, and I’ve only a mirror to guide me.

Let me hold this image of myself, just long enough to break free from the habit of me.

A gift 18 months in the making is complete:
My studio is ready for me to move in. Perhaps I’ll post photos tomorrow.

Thank you, my darling, my partner, for this labor of love. This house for my dreams.


What was Lost, is Found — 3 Comments

  1. Oh, the utter joy of finding (or having returned) something at just the moment when you need the reminder!

    Can you post a picture of the necklace? I’ve got a piece of picture jasper that looks like a cross-section of a volcano . . . it’s mesmerizing.

    Thanks for dropping by my journal. I believe I’ll just have to friend you right back. 😉

  2. OK! I posted a picture of the ocean Jasper. There’s a little glare on it. Oh well. Now I think I’ll go take some pics of my studio!

    Thanks for the comment. It’s So nice to have visitors!

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