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I’m sitting on my bed taking a quiet moment before the littles get home from school. I know this afternoon is going to be chock full of mama activities (parent teacher conference, groceries, dinner) and so I’m taking a moment to be quiet and thoughtful, which, along with my pot of yerba mate tea, should help me move through the rest of the day gracefully.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a beautiful day—

I mean, the kind of day that just makes you feel really ALIVE. My quick answer to that is being outside, in Nature. Even better yet, in the garden or forest. Of course, I’m writing this on an afternoon when the temperature is sinking, until it hits the low 20s some time in the wee hours of the night. But even then, just being outside, albeit bundled up, is such a lifting experience.

And I’ve been thinking about this for two reasons. One, doing yoga in the morning has really revitalized me. My mornings are exquisite, when they used to be—or maybe I used to be—scary. And second, I made a decision to really start creating consciously. And if I’m going to be creating consciously, then I want to improve not just my financial abundance, or my home life, but also the quality of my every day experience.

(Now my kids are home, sitting on the floor, crunching sour balls. Renee was given candy on the bus, and she’s shared with her brother the awful stuff. Our home is already in the shadow of the mountain, and the wind occasionally sends our wind gennies to whirring like wolves. Just outside the door, little Shadow begs to come in. )

So I ask myself, how can I improve the quality of my life? How can I really dig into the juice of being alive, drink deeply and fully? The first thing that comes to my head, oddly enough, is dreaming. As in really engaging in my dreams, writing them down, honoring them. I’ve been meagerly attempting to work with my dreams lately, sort of tapered off, and I’m wondering if yoga will somehow strengthen my dream recall, if I set that intention.

The next thing that comes to my mind is having some kind of ritual practice. Just taking a moment at the beginning and end of the day to light a candle and give thanks would be a great start. But I’ve also wanted to make an offering to the spirits of the land from our daily meal. And every altar I’ve ever tried to arrange has simply become a place for clutter. And I wonder if this is because in some way I haven’t allowed this place for myself, both inner and outer, as if it’s too impractical in my day to day laundry dinner clean-up homework brush-your-teeth life.

So I’m giving myself some homework. First. Go for a walk with the littles every day after school. Even if it’s just for twenty minutes, going down to the river and hanging out in the afternoon’s sunshine would be great. Second. Light a candle in the morning, and a candle in the evening. Third. Make a morning ritual of writing down my dreams.

Yoga has enriched my life! Now I’m ready for more!


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  1. This was such a great reminder for me of all that I’m not doing for myself right now. Where are my ritual practices? Gone. Where’s my time in nature? Nearly nonexistent. Exercise, yoga, writing down my dreams? Not. Moving through my days with grace sounds like a very worthy goal that I want to work towards. Thank you.

  2. Well, we’ll see what happens! But please remember that you have a JOB, and I, am, um, self-employed! I have so much flexibility with my time right now, and I’m using it the way I’m quite sure you would if you were in my shoes.

    I was talking to my sister recently about my newfound freedom. I was always beating myself up because I didn’t do all the things I wanted to do to nourish myself, or move towards my goals. And now I realize that really, I just didn’t have the time, or the energy! My life was filled with children and responsibilities to them and to our business. I look back at that woman who wanted to do so much while carrying such a mama load, and I see someone determined to do the best with what she had.

    But maybe some of what we need is to just carve a little niche where we can light a candle for our spirit, and honor where we are in the moment.

    Peace, sister~

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