Morning rain has cleared to Monday sunshine. This means the garden is sated and readying itself for blooming, and also that the forest will be thicker and wet when I hike up into it presently.

It’s been a wild weekend of Herb Festing (which will get its own post shortly) and family visiting. Lots of traveling. So I am glad for Monday and the stillness it offers. This is ironic, of course, because Monday is rarely still around here, but comparatively speaking, it’s more still than being on the road four hours, like I was yesterday.

This weekend also marks the completion of a new painting, whose progress I had documented here. I also had a poll a long while back: "Guess the Title" Nobody guessed the correct title!

Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

pastel on paper

This painting is second chakra therapy!  Hence the title.  And we all need second chakra therapy, don’t you think, whether its for sexuality or creativity or all around juiciness.  Look for prints (large sized!) at my etsy shop! 

If you participated in my "guess the title" poll* and want to buy a print, then you are entitled to a 20% discount!  That’s my way of saying thanks.  

*That would be:  

 ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  



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  1. This is SO WEIRD!!! I’ve been working on my website all day, and I imported my livejournal into my website (using wordpress), which is a really neat feature, but for some reason, your comment came into the wordpress part of my webpage, and not my livejournal??? And how did you not see that entry, too (not that I would mind if you just wanted to go browsing about for art to view)– just WEIRD!!!! 🙂

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