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February findsThis little photo has so much to say about my life.  I know, that seems really silly, but it’s pretty much true.  After all, I am a Taurus.  I have therefore I am. And I have books.  Beautiful books with pictures, to share with kids, to learn new things, to grow my business.  And also the beautiful blue and white tapestry underneath, which I bought for my studio.  Someday when it’s clean I’ll take pictures.

Printing by Hand, by Lena Corwin

I am facilitating a home school group that is raising money for Heifer International by making cool things to sell.  We just started, and last week we designed gift tags.  “Printing by Hand” will be an excellent resource for our group as we research craft projects. It has eighteen beautifully photographed projects: stamping napkins, stenciling designs on a wall, or silk screening a dog’s bed.  Betwixt the hard covers is a generous spiral binding so the book lays nice and flat.  I found it at Earth Guild, a fragrant craft supply store stocked with the finest wools and yarns, looms and threads, and books.  Another small piece of heaven in lovely Asheville.

Illustrations from"Quadrivium" and "Sciencia"

The books Quadrivium and Sciencia have called me before, and this time, while perusing the shelves of Malaprop’s,I found that I could not resist them.  As a homeschooler, or as I like to put it, as a person who does not participate in institutionalized learning, I’m always on the lookout for awesome books.  Actually I would be on the lookout for awesome books regardless of how my kids went about their days.  But check out some of these very cool illustrations. The one above is from Quadrivium, and the next three, from Sciencia:

From "Sciencia"
The visible universe, from the Earth’s core to the horizon, 14 billion light-years away.”
The visible universe, within a scarab beetle!?!  Ah, I have no words.  And, the Sun is smiling.

Illustrations from"Quadrivium" and "Sciencia"
I am liking the lichen.  (Sorry,  I couldn’t help myself).

Illustrations from"Quadrivium" and "Sciencia"
Every other page has an illustration.  Thinking back on it, that is probably why I wanted these books!

Business time.

The last book, a little thing, is “The Handmade Marketplace.”  My husband and I just finished a business class for his business (he provides repair services for power plants), but I’ve been wanting to apply some of what I’ve learned to my own micro business.  I have a long way to go in this department, and I thought a little book with cute illustrations might serve me well.  We’ll see!



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