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My back is sore from sitting in front of the computer all day. McKinley is snoring in my bed, and I’m leaving him there, because I don’t want to strain my back any further by lugging the boy to his proper bed. Andrew can do that when he gets home. We were both supposed to go out tonight, in fact, I had a choice of events which I could have attended–a women’s open mic (literary) or the community’s open mic (musical). But the obligations of parenthood caught up with me, and I ended up staying home listening to children argue while Andrew went out. There’s no blame to be placed on his shoulders, really, (last time I had my turn and he stayed home) but still, I so rarely venture out, and it would have been so nice to sit with friends and not have a child tugging at my attention.

Regardless, the day was well spent. I’ve been working on my website, and I’m very pleased with the way things are going, though it’s far from done. So no links yet.

And praise the clouds above–no wind tonight. I think last night was the worst yet. Had me tremblin beneath me covers. I couldn’t sleep, which for me is a BIG DEAL. I am a sleeper, you see. It’s in me genes.

So, I think I’ll go do that now.

That was not a very exciting post, but hey, I wrote something.


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