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Top Ten Studio Rules — 9 Comments

  1. I love this idea! I am not a rule person at all but this gives you all you need its not restricted rules but guidance in how to be efficient.I will print these and use them is that ok? Your awesome! 🙂 (fellow flyer) Chandra

  2. Stephanie, I love this post! I haven’t set any rules for my studio area but I am thinking I should……..Your studio area is just fab too, your space and light is really appealing. You have been blogging for a long time! thats awesome because you will have lots of tips to share with us in Flying Lessons 🙂
    big hugs from Canada!

  3. Thank you, Karen, for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment! I have been so inspired and motivated by all the awesome women in our group! I can’t wait to see where we’re all flying to!

  4. Chandra, thank you for all the likes on Facebook! You are more than welcome to use my “rules.” I am not a rule person either, by any stretch of the imagination, but a little structure really helps me!

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