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Today I:

did yoga, after a long (two month?) hiatus. So why exactly did I stop when I feel this good post yoga? (Don’t answer that, I know already, starts with an “L” and sounds like crazy).

breathed deep the fragrance of my paperwhites whilst stretching (& moaning) during said yoga workout. Spring seems a million years away with the frigid temps and encrusted snow….

found my new most favoritest website ever: sock-dreams.com (which points to the fact that yes, I am a Taurus, and yes, I love looong stripey socks and did you see those thigh highs? Wowzers! Bought socks, and more socks. Just might have to revise my website around these socks.

worked extensively on a new project: embroidering a plum wool hat. Remember, I’m a Taurus: I have therefore I am.

Speaking of having & being, on Tuesday we close on the purchase of our neighbor’s house and land. Haven’t written about this, kind kept it hush-hush, but, !!!!!!!!!! Can we say “Time for the Snoopy dance!!” ??? !!!


Today::::::a post with lots of punctuation — 8 Comments

  1. congrats! so, whaddya gonna do with that parcel? i’m thinking writing/art workshops… *hint* for an instructor…
    plum wool hat sounds divine!
    i <3 punctuation!!!

  2. There’s almost nothing that feels as good as wearing new socks. It’s one of my favoritest pleasures!

    Congrats on expanding the domain ~ sounds Snoopy dance-worthy!

  3. Well, that would be swell, but it’s more like a home shop/office plus a shared living space for my brother…I don’t think you met him when you came to visit because he was outta town. I’m just now getting used to going over there whenever I want and it’s just fabulous!

  4. I don’t know how to knit, and I don’t know that I really know how to embroider either! But I’m doing it anyway!

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