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This past week has been very intense, and I’m surprised I didn’t crack sooner, considering that previous weeks have also been, um, humdingers. But crack I did, yesterday, in the best way possible: I fell into the bed at 2 pm and stayed there until about 8 pm, got up for some dinner, and went back to where I’d been. I stayed late in the bed this morning, too, and I’m feeling much better, but still kind of discombobulated, similar to the way one feels after returning from a vacation, only it’s been no vacation, let me assure you.

Saturday night I performed poetry at a local hemlocks festival–microphone, stage, the whole nine yards. It was great fun, and I got a lot of nice feedback. I had hoped to have a few books to sell, and worked madly Friday and Saturday towards that goal, but was unable to finish any books. This is mostly because I made them far and above ordinary chapbooks, incorporating assorted fine papers, foldouts, and centerfolds. I’ll probably finish the three that are printed and cut, and mainly just need to be put sewn up, before moving on to another book project. Because I had so much fun putting all that together I know I won’t be able to resist another book project.

Sunday involved sleeping in late and then going into Little City with Andrew, McKinley, Renee, and brother Sean for some arcade fun. On Monday my dogs left the rabid raccoon present in my driveway. I spent the greater portion of Monday working on one of Andrew’s websites. On Tuesday I went to Little City again, this time on a field trip with Renee’s and McKinley’s classes. While I was doing that, Andrew was loading all of our animals into the car to get rabies booster shots. That evening at six, I took Alex to her third counseling appointment (she’s greatly improved) with Renee and McKinley in the car. They were so exhausted from the field trip and fell asleep in the car. But then woke up when the car stopped, so we walked to the nearby playground and they played for an hour. Needless to say they were exhausted when we returned home around eight.

And when we returned I learned from Rae and Bert that an SBI guy, two sheriff’s deputies, and an NCIS agent (that’s Naval Criminal Investigative Something) had been to our house, questioned Andrew and Rae, and SEARCHED our house. Seems that Rae’s and Alex’s boyfriends, both Marines, had gone AWOL, only now they call it UA, meaning Unauthorized Absence. Also seems that the NCIS agent and the SBI guy (with whom we have had dealings with before, long stories) were posted at either end of our road, so when Alex and I drove by, the NCIS guy gave us a few minutes, then drove up our driveway. I met him at the driveway, and was very polite. He wanted to talk to Alex, though, so I got her and then stood there as he asked her a bunch of questions. Then he went away, thank God.

Wednesday was our anniversary–Andrew and I have been married eight years now! Renee and McKinley stayed home from school–Tuesday wiped them out, I think, and the weather had been cold–they were doing a lot of coughing. Then Bert got sick, too, and his grandpa picked him up for us. Also on Wednesday the health department called to say that the raccoon tested postive for rabies. Andrew and I went up to Mount Mitchell together to do some testing at my little job site. We also took a little hike, and drank from the spring that forms the headwaters of Rock Creek, which runs by our house, although off a little ways. When we got home, Rae had made dinner (bless her!) and then folks came over to the cabin next door for movie night (a Wednesday tradition). Moonshine got passed around, and some particular folks had a bit of an altercation. So I ushered them off, in a friendly sort of way, and Andrew and I sat down to watch Juno.

Thursday. Getting things ready for shipping. Paying bills. Health department calls again, advising consult with doctor about rabies. Then school calls because McKinley is sick. I had a minor freak out then, because of the proximity of those two calls. Picked up boy. Went to town. Ate lunch. Came home. Crashed.

So here I am, about to take off for town again–doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, and movie rental. Later this afternoon, Andrew and I will be taking off for two nights to Vacation Town, which is nearby, but just far enough away.

Maybe then I can relax!


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  1. Bloody hell! Sometimes things can be tOO eventful.

    How much do you sell your books for, and how big are they [in pages and words, pics]?

  2. oh! i hate i missed your poetry reading! not that i could’ve afforded the drive, but perhaps i coulda astralplaned there or something.

    whew! what a week or three!
    hey, keep in mind the first saturday of july.
    as in keep it free, or as free as free can be with a house full of squeeeeee!

  3. Searched your house??? Was there a warrant?

    I hope your little getaway is everything you want it to be, and nothing in the way of stress added. *hugs*

  4. hey there – haven’t been to your site for a while but i knew this would be the best way to find you. i see you’ve had a lot going on, to say the least, lately. i’m afraid the next time i see your children i will start calling them all the wrong names of mountains. you’ll have to help me! 🙂 we had a sign up for hope for hemlocks all week at the coffeehouse and it was so cool to see your name up there and know that that was going on. good on ya!
    i’m emailing rather last minute to let you know that i’m doing a MFA reading tomorrow (sat) night at my house. potluck at 7pm, reading at 9pm (organized by wesley). it would be lovely to have you, though i know it’s far away and you’re likely to have family plans. i wanted to be sure you knew that you are welcome and invited. and if you want more info, email me or call (i’m in the phonebook by my last name in “tinyville, nc” – you know where that is). keep on keepin’ on!

  5. I apologize for taking so long to reply to this–I’ve not been on the computer much these days! I haven’t really followed through the whole process of making my books to consider how much I would sell them for. I want to make some changes to them, and when I have I’ll post pics of them…but yes, bloody hell, things can be too eventful, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that I can get up in the studio for some fun-making!

  6. darlin! What’s Up? Your posts have all been YouTube and cryptic lately! Are you alright? halfright?

    July! yes, July!

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