Lady Labyrinth, a pastel by Stephanie Thomas Berry featuring a Pink Lady Slipper and a Labyrinth



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I believe orchids are worthy of adoration.
I remember the first time I saw a Pink Lady Slipper. I was cruising along the Blue Ridge Parkway when I spotted something bulbous and pink blooming in the shade. I turned my vehicle around. 

Bending on my knees to bear witness to this botanical wonder, I felt that I had met a flower endowed with a precise sense of itself, with consciousness. With personhood. 

Orchids are like that. They have a distinguished presence. Is it because they are also Tricksters? I’m not sure if there’s another plant family so prone to deception as a means of pollination. Lady Slippers only pretend to have nectar. 

Lady Labyrinth explores the personhood and mystery of the Pink Lady Slipper.  I wanted to convey her distinguished presence, and also explore her relationship to the labyrinth (which also has a unique connection to Tricksters), since she clearly uses a bee-maze to accomplish continued success as a species. I’ll be exploring this in-depth when my Trickster Project opens this Fall.

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