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I didn’t want to feel so jaded. But there I was, sitting in my beloved studio, scrolling through Facebook. I knew I should be working. And that I should be loving the work. But mostly I was feeling stuck. And like a drug, Facebook provided temporary relief from that feeling.

“What am I really looking for?” I asked myself. I knew the answer: a feeling of eagerness, of connection and discovery.

The problem was I didn’t know how to find it. I felt trapped in my habitual perspective. I didn’t know how to access my own wellspring of wonder.

I needed to see the world with fresh eyes. 

Now, if I were a “top blogger” I would have my own revolutionary formula to break free from old patterns.

But I am not, (and I’m not sure those formulas work anyway). I am an artist and a poet, and the answer I have is decidedly different. Because I believe that to break loose of the thought patterns that have ossified within us, what we really need is something very, very deep. We need to drink from the fountain of mystery. We need to go into the wilderness. We need foxfire.

The word foxfire conjures up something mysterious, something other-than, a strange and evocative light. Both the fox and fire are mercurial entities, and back in the mid-1400s the English combined the words to name the captivating glow that arises from some mushrooms.

If tricksters had an aura, it would be foxfire. 

And if you are stuck, you need a trickster to bring you some foxfire, some unexpected, strange gift from the otherworld. Just like Prometheus brought fire to humanity, or how Grandmother Spider stole the sun, the fox has the capacity to bring a particular quality of light necessary for human life.

This fox is your own inner trickster, half in dream and half awake, capable of harnessing an otherworld light so that you can see deeper into the mystery of your own existence.

I’ll have more about the symbolism in this painting (that vesica pisces! The fox’s one eye!) when my Trickster Project opens this Fall.