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I started today with a guided meditation entitled “Shower of Light.” It was an incredible start to a day that has only gotten better and better. Yeah, I’m down with that!

Our dear friends Badger and Naomi joined us for one last breakfast before they headed on their way, and Katie joined us, too. She will be here all the way into October! Hooray! I went to the garden before breakfast and harvested stinging nettles, chickweed, chives, and fennel to cook with our eggs. My fingers still tingle from the nettles, in a way I like. There were also sausage patties locally sourced and bread that J had started the day before and cooked this morning. After breakfast we all hung out a little bit. They wrote birthday wishes for my daughter Alex, who turns nineteen today!

It was at this juncture that Naomi turned to me in her exuberant warm way and said, “You look just radiant with light!” I told her about the shower of light meditation, and promised to hook her up with that. Then I tried to do a little work, and realized how stressed that made me. So I decided that I am open now to receiving a joyful business/financial experience.

When they left, J and Katie and Badger and Naomi and I all did a group hug and an “OM” together. That was wildly wonderful! I am so blessed!

Katie brought to our attention that today was the day after the New Moon, and what with the rain and all, it was a perfect day to plant. So we went out to the garden and prepared two beds. Instead of bothering with rows and that sort of planting, which I’ve never really liked, I mixed together a whole bunch of different seeds and broadcast them in an entire bed. I can’t remember what all was in there! It will be fun to see what happens. Katie planted beets and turnips.

Katie and I got totally soaked, in a delicious Spring way, and had wonderful conversation all afternoon. We talked about writing up a project list, which blossomed into a vision board, which then found a designated wall space with the potential for a long thin shelf as an altar.

Neighbor Jerry called. I needed to run down the road and pick up a box of brownies.

McKinley found a hen’s stash of twenty-five eggs under the back stairs (twenty-seven actually, but two were bad). We washed them together and now he’s drying them and putting them in a bowl.

In a little bit, J and I are going to the community center for the Lucky Candle Cafe, a twice-monthly dinner (cooked by whoever in the community has stepped up to the plate) and open-mike gathering. Tonight’s dinner is venison stew cooked by the mountain-est man I know who lives down the road from us. We’ll treat our daughter to a birthday dinner there.

And the rain keeps falling, and the Earth soaks up that blessing, deeply, to bestow it throughout the summer. I am this Earth. I soak up the blessings. And know I can hold still more.


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  1. so glad you had a wonderful day–soak-full of blessings!
    tell that beautiful girl we wish her a happiest of days–what a still magical age!
    yes, we’re enjoying this terrific rain while we can.

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