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--Ranier Maria Rilke

“The only journey is the one within.”

This quote by the great poet Rilke is a challenge to me, in the fondest of terms. Of course I want to go afar, to see breathtaking spaces I’ve never seen before. But Rilke speaks a deep truth here. Because the only journey that matters, the only one that transforms, is the one in which we turn our eyes inward.

Whether we discover them via the journal or with the shaman’s drum, there are great mysteries, both terrible and brilliant, locked within our bodies, our minds, our hearts. To go there with our small candle of intent requires courage. But it is, in the end, the only journey that matters. Every physical journey we take is nothing unless we also open the map within, unfold ourselves upon the table, and peer at the waving lines of our rivers, the highways we’ve made from habit, the paths we’ve not yet trodden in our very souls.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be exploring ways to integrate that journey within our complex lives. I feel as if this journey has become more difficult as I’ve gotten older. Raising children, housekeeping, along with all the work of being an artist (yes, I love the work, should I say play?) makes it difficult to turn the eye inward, to see new horizons and depths within myself. But this is what I want. It’s the most important journey.

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