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  1. The dreaming selves have been very apparent this week.

    You words take me back many, many years to a day when I had my long tresses cut, and the remainder permed. What a sense of transformation that wrought! Over the years, my hair has staggered around my head, limping along at whatever place seemed least aggravating. Now, as I approach that strange time in a woman’s life when she gets raised eyebrows more often than not, I’ve finally made peace with my hair. I’m still a little surprised when I catch sight of the color it used to be, there at the base of my neck.

    You’ve got wonders inside you. Best to let them out to romp in the green.

  2. greening w/o pollination, thank you!

    It is so wonderful to read about someone receiving the luscious gift of an energy healing and knowing more about themselves when they leave the table.

    Your are indeed blessed.

  3. I’m rather wild with enthusiasm today, it’s true, and I’m so glad to be short-haired! It’s all wild and wavy and fluffy now, which seems such a funny thing–I look like I’ve got more hair now than I did before, becuase I always had it pulled back! I should post before and afters, just for the fun of it.

    And blessings to you, wild hearted one, for passing along the extra little bottle. I got your box today and I promise to keep you posted to any adventures that transpire!

  4. Re: greening w/o pollination, thank you!

    Oh, I really am blessed, and so very thankful. And I’m so excited about it, too. This particular practitioner graduated from Barbara Ann Brennan’s School–I think it’s a four year program, and B.A.B. has written several books about the human energy field. The one that I have been reading, and slowly digesting, is “Light Emerging,” and I felt like it made so much sense, and on so many levels, that I wanted to try it out at least, and maybe even later in life do the program (?)…

    Speaking of healing, I wish I could help you with your allergies right now, because I KNOW how aweful it is. This year I’ve been good so far, and I’m sending prayers of thanks to all the plant sex goddesses and gods for that. Blessings to you, for a calm immune system, or at least good sleep.

  5. Please post the before and afters!

    No blessings needed (but none refused, either). Just somehow seemed like the thing to do. 🙂 can tell you about the Moonkissed Mugwort – she was one of my first test subjects as I worked out the formula.

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