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Today was just fabulous. It all started with a visit to my garden. (Well, let’s not get carried away here, it all started with J and I oversleeping and the kids being an hour and a half late for school. Oops. We do that from time to time, and the whole world frowns on it. And the whole world is just going to have to deal.) But after we got the kids off to school, we did some creative lounging, wherein J and I set a positive tone for the day. Then he went to work, and I fed the animals, and collected the eggs (some absolutely gorgeous pale turquoise and mint green ones, along with the more prolific taupe eggs), and then went on a walk. J came with me, and we marveled at this beautiful place we live in. When we got back I made the visit to the garden.

The garden is March is such a hopeful place. So many of my plant friends are already making their move. Oriental poppies, for one. There’s one growing in a place I didn’t remember planting. And my fire-pinks, which I so gleefully planted last summer, are also making a show of a bit of green. Dare I hope for their star red flowers this June? Oh, the delight at the mere thought! Fire-pinks are the first Southern Appalachian wildflower I ever fell in love with, back some sixteen years ago, when I was camping on the top of Mount Pisgah, trying to find a place to live in Asheville. You can be sure if my fire-pinks bloom, I will be painting them! The hyssop is at work, and the horehound is already so big that I know I’m going to have to stay on top of it this year, lest I be overrun with it. Which is fine, because it’s the kind of herb I need a lot of, for cough medicine. (Did I ever mention I made horehound candy last year? Looks like I’ll be making lots more of that!) The Lady’s Mantle is also doing well, and the peonies have their sharp red thumbs sticking out of the ground. And the great blue lobelia, too, has already put out new leaves. I imagine this year that plant will be enormous.

I wish I had pictures to share, though when I look at last year’s pictures of the garden in March I wonder if they are as exciting to everyone else as they are to me. When I look at these tiny-leafed beginnings, I see also what will come…red star flowers with a cleft in the tip, or tall racemes of blue flowers where bees linger and hum. Or the bitter taste of horehound, the citron tang of lemon balm. Regardless, the crown jewel of the garden right now is the singular crocus, and that is what made my day so fabulous. Because I sat down in the greening sunlight and sketched this crocus, along with the golden oregano leaves and the frayed remains of an echinacea bloom. And then I went to my studio and started to ink in the shadows and the earth. What happened has me so excited! I wish I could show you, and perhaps tomorrow I shall. Until then, I hope your day was as fabulous as mine, and if it wasn’t, I hope some crocuses bloom for you tomorrow.


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  1. I enjoy every description and picture you post.

    Spring is thinking about moving in here. We were up to 77° a couple of days ago, then it plunged back to 28° last night. However . . . the crocus and daffodils are up in abundance and some of the smaller bushes are budding. The morning birdsong just prior to sunrise is deafening and I love to listen to it as I sip that first cup of coffee.

    Of course, we also have that unmistakable harbinger of spring: Dudley the peacock is looking for love . . . LOUDLY. 🙂

    One of these days, I will have a large wall that will need a painting, and the money to buy one of yours.

  2. Well hooray! And I will have the joy of painting it for you. Personally, I’ve always liked the idea of painting a portrait of you with a fox, from that fox dream you had a long while back…

  3. Well, a week and a half ago we still had snow on the ground, and I was thinking about how some folks have snow all winter long, and into Spring. It must feel great when it’s finally all melted!

  4. A portrait of me? I’m not particularly attractive. Maybe you could cover my face with the fox. *g*

    I was thinking of your gorgeous landscapes . . . but it’s a consideration for a bit down the road.

  5. oh, of course the garden is as exciting to us as it is to you. our warm spell caused me to poke about spying green as well. still hoping to connect with you soon. xox
    it’s cooled off a bit down here, but my new lettuces are popping out. *yeee*
    here’s to more greenery!

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