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Frost, illuminated

We have arrived at that time of year. The beginning of Winter. (While many count the Winter Solstice as the beginning of Winter, for the ancient Celts, the Chinese, and myself, Winter begins on All Souls Day).  Now I watch for that last light of day, so quick and fleeting, so that I might walk in the long angle of the Sun.  This afternoon, Frost decided to walk with me.

Looking up, shadow & light

The fierce winds of Sandy took the last of the leaves down, except for a few scarlet oaks.
Now everything is gray and open.
I am never sad for it though, for I love to look at the lines and tangles of the trees.

The skin of the tree

I also love to observe the intricate textures of tree trunks and lichen.

Smartweed, still blooming

Blooms can still be found.  This is smartweed.

And here, along the walk to my home, a dianthus that can’t stop blooming,
even after all the fierce winds and bitter snow.

I hope your day was filled with peace.


The Beginning of Winter — 7 Comments

  1. eli and i truly enjoyed looking at your pictures and talking about lichen. thank you for sharing. oh, and i tried to ft you today. 🙂 oh, and also….your camera is fixed?! yay!

  2. Fabulous post Stephanie, I love lichen too! And I keep noticing flowers that keep on flowering here in London as well. I grew some evening primrose plants this year (from seeds I collected from by the side of the road this summer). I read on line that they take 2 years to grow the tall stems and flower, but I noticed yesterday that I have a couple of tall stems and a bud about to open… I am so excited! LOL

  3. I just got my camera back from the dead! Yay! Isn’t my cat Frost pretty? He’s also kinda mean, but I love him anyway. 🙂

  4. London! London! Oh, Caroline, I have recently had a wild-hair-desire to go to London! Good luck on your primroses and thank you SO much for all the wonderful comments!

  5. Your page is beautiful; London doesn’t seem out of the question. You are very talented and resourceful,

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