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I finished another piece Friday night—this time it’s of a trout lily.   For your viewing pleasure:

Trout Lily Brings Spring

Trout Lily Brings Spring
5 x 7″
pastel on board

Now if you don’t know trout lilies, let me introduce them to you.  They are tiny little things, and they bloom very early—one of the earliest blooms I find down by the South Toe River.  There I find hoards of their tiny slips of leaves, mottled and coated with a fine reflective sheen, but very few flowers.  I’m not sure if these colonies of leaves sans flowers are just too young, or maybe they don’t get enough light to bloom, but I know there are other places where I can find the yellow flowers, their petals peeled back in exuberance.  I’m still hoping that one Spring I’ll walk down and find those patches of dappled leaves hosting crowns of blooms.

I’m pleased with this painting, and wish I could capture the magic of pastels for you to see, for the original has far  more luster than what you see here.   Pastels are so divine, and I am really enjoying working with them on Ampersand’s Pastelbord.  This week I am doubling up–I have a commission I am starting on, and I also will be painting the lovely bellwort.  Now there’s a fine lady of a flower!

And how will I do this, and harvest potatoes, squash, can peaches and beans, and visit with my mother and sister, and go to a birthday party, and plant turnips and beets?  Well, I’m not entirely sure, but I have been utilizing Google Calendar to keep track of all the assorted tasks and deadlines that I have, in the studio, the home, and the garden.  It has really helped manage my time better.  And this morning Jason and I had a great planning session, delegating tasks to our energetic intern and reluctant kids.  Let’s hope we can keep it up and make time management a joyful morning practice!  Along with coffee, of course.


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