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  1. Your posts always make me smile. Thanks for giving me the illusion of having slept in on this beautiful Sunday morning! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad to spread some happiness ’round! I guess the illusion is better than nothing at all…

    It’s beautiful here, too.

  3. What an odd thing! But Hooray! I’d kinda forgotten about that. You are truly a dedicated friend. *happy contented smile*

    Oh, by the way, I did the little map thingy for your zipcode, and you are in the same zip code as my deceased relatives, who are buried at that big cemetery (Calvary?) by that really big, old Catholic Church (Cathedral?) on the same road as Bellarmine College, where my father got his degree so many years ago. He took me by there once and told me, “I was walking up this hill when I heard the news that JFK had been shot.” I was under twelve years old, for sure, but I still remember the intensity with which he told me that. OK, ’nuff of my ramblings!

  4. A bit late on the reply here, but . . .

    I’m within walking distance – 10 minutes, maybe – of that cemetery, which is the Saint Louis Cemetery. That’s Baxter Ave., which turns into Newburg Rd. when it crosses Eastern Parkway. Bellarmine is on Newburg Rd. and I pass it all the time.

    I live on Dearing Court, which dead-ends (no pun intended) on Cave Hill Cemetery . . . which is the REALLY REALLY BIG cemetery here. 🙂

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