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The trumpet-light of the morning streams onto my sleeping eyes, warming my cheeks before I wake. McKinley arrives, giggling with impish delight as he slithers into my bed. “Hey, Baby,” I say, ” Why don’t you crank open that window for me? Let some fresh Spring air in.”

“Oh-Kee-doh KEE!” he sings as he scrambles off the bed and cranks open the casement window. The coolness wafts onto my cheeks. The chickens are clattering and clucking beneath my window, and their hen-talk is loud and complaining, filling my room, and McKinley is giggling again, which means he’s clearly up to no good–another impish plan is probably being put into effect. I think he’s drawing something on my feet. Andrew is trying to sleep more, but I know he’ll not be able to hold off much longer–he doesn’t have the same talent for lingering in the bed that I do. Besides, he’s the Revered and Talented Coffee Maker. And there’s waffles to be had at the community center this morning, and then a day of work, cleaning up our yard, which is no small task, let me tell you. And, oh, I should just get up, get on with it, but the Pillowtop Bed is so comfy, my face pressed into its cloud, and the sunlight is so hot–really, I’m sunbathing in my bed–and I can hear Renee in her room, singing some song with her angel voice, and the quilt is all a-tangle around us, and there’s an orchid blossom that’s waking on my dresser, and everything is blessed with simple joys.

The orchid blossom. At first I was disappointed that I didn’t get it in focus, but it actually fits, in a fuzzy newborn blossom sort of way.

My plum tree is now in full flower. I took this picture yesterday, after sundown, and it has an interesting blue-ness, I think.


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  1. Your posts always make me smile. Thanks for giving me the illusion of having slept in on this beautiful Sunday morning! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad to spread some happiness ’round! I guess the illusion is better than nothing at all…

    It’s beautiful here, too.

  3. What an odd thing! But Hooray! I’d kinda forgotten about that. You are truly a dedicated friend. *happy contented smile*

    Oh, by the way, I did the little map thingy for your zipcode, and you are in the same zip code as my deceased relatives, who are buried at that big cemetery (Calvary?) by that really big, old Catholic Church (Cathedral?) on the same road as Bellarmine College, where my father got his degree so many years ago. He took me by there once and told me, “I was walking up this hill when I heard the news that JFK had been shot.” I was under twelve years old, for sure, but I still remember the intensity with which he told me that. OK, ’nuff of my ramblings!

  4. A bit late on the reply here, but . . .

    I’m within walking distance – 10 minutes, maybe – of that cemetery, which is the Saint Louis Cemetery. That’s Baxter Ave., which turns into Newburg Rd. when it crosses Eastern Parkway. Bellarmine is on Newburg Rd. and I pass it all the time.

    I live on Dearing Court, which dead-ends (no pun intended) on Cave Hill Cemetery . . . which is the REALLY REALLY BIG cemetery here. 🙂

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