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I’ve been up in my studio working madly for weeks now to submit to this competition. Fortunately for me they extended the deadline, but even so I don’t think I have a fair shot at it, just because I don’t enough recent work to offer. I’m still going to enter, though, just to get into the practice of extending myself in this fashion.

And after that I will be moving onto other goals. And I need to take a look at what’s been sitting on my creative shelf…maybe dust some projects off, maybe move onto some other ones.

For several years I’ve wanted to put together a collection of written works entitled "motherheart". I feel like it is important for me to put something together in this regard, even if I only make a few handmade books. I can give them to the important mothers in my life, if nothing else.

After that there seem to be a few big projects on the table. I’ve been working on a series of paintings for several years now, in a terribly slow fashion, that explore the relationship between my inner ecosystem and the ecosystem in which I live. Though I haven’t worked on it in about two months, I am nearly finished with a large painting, the second in this series, and have been thinking about my next one. I am pretty excited about that. I don’t know how long it will take me to finish all the paintings in my head that are centered in this exploration, but the path only becomes more and more mmmmagical. I can’t paint without writing about the same thing, and I think some fresh writing will help the painting move along quicker.

I also have two sets of smaller paintings I am working on: wildflowers (I have some great sketches from last Spring) and some landscapes exploring human virtues. That sounds really cheesy, but think titles like "Ecstasy" and "Forgiveness".   There’s a few galleries locally that I am interested in approaching, and I also want to look into some high end gift shops where I can offer cards and prints.

Speaking of prints and cards.  I need to design new cards, and prints, and get them printed,   Then, when I finish revamping my website (this seems to be a perpetual project, bleh!) I can get going on etsy.  I also need to figure out the solution to my printing problem, which goes something like this: last year I bought two printers, one very expensive one, and one medium priced one, with which to make prints of my work, and neither of them works to my satisfaction. The very expensive one only looks good on a particular type of (expensive) paper, and the one that was supposed to be my little workhorse spits out the cover stock that I have reams and reams of becauseI it’s this wonderful kenaf/rag paper. The earlier version of the workhorse printer, which gave me years of good service before I wore it out, printed on this particular paper so beautifully. The new version of my workhorse printer sucks–it can’t even pull down the cover stock and jams constantly. Arggh.

All this, and there’s still another, secret project that’s too new to talk about.  It’s on the backburner, in a sense, or more accurately, in the imaginative recipe construction phase.  All I can say thus far is that the Tarot has provided excellent feedback on it.  More on that later.

Dear mama poetess has an elephant’s memory, something I appreciate!  And since I’ve been carrying my little camera around in my pocket, there’s no reason why I can’t provide a short video tour of my studio before the year’s out.  I know nobody’s holding their breath for that one, nor would I suggest such a thing, but I’m telling you, things are changing around here.  If you remember my promise of a video tour of my studio, then you are a loyal friend!    So thanks, poetess ! 

One thing you can count on is more regular studio updates.  I need to take stock of what I’m producing, and make sure I stay on track with my goals.  I think this blog will be an excellent place to do that.  


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