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What Lives in the Crowns of Trees“What Lives in the Crowns of Trees”

You know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, right?  In fifth grade I played the Tortoise in the school play, and either I was exceptionally well-cast or the role stuck.  I work slowly and carefully.  So finishing a piece has always been a bit of a big deal for me!

I will be posting the deluxe image of this piece soon, and plan to offer only five prints of it, so let me know if you are interested and I’ll reserve one for you.

In other studio news, the remodel of my studio continues.  I have a hand-crafted woodstove to install.  She was made by the illustrious sculptor  C. Andree Davidt, a good friend of mine, and you can see the love he put into her.  She’s called “Hot Mama”  and I can’t wait to put her in my studio!  Here’s a simple photo of her:

Hot Mama“Hot Mama!”
The center of the apple is a solid sheet of Mica from our beloved mountains.
It will glow red when there’s a fire.

I also have a brand new white floor in my studio, and built-in shelves!  Look for photos soon, plus pics of the beginning of some new pieces of Appalachian Ephemerals.


Studio Update–a finish! — 2 Comments

  1. It’s beautiful!!
    So much so, that I would like to visit the No. Carolina mts.
    Your art captures the beauty of the deep woods with awe and reverence and the gentlest touch of whimsy.
    It’s beautiful!!

  2. Thank you, Barbara! If you do ever visit, I’ll give you a studio tour!

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