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I’ve been sick for two days! In May! This should not be allowed. There is simply too much to do and too much beauty in which to partake. Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better. Yesterday I did not really leave the bed, but today I did manage to trudge up to the studio for just a little bit.

Sunday night J and I hung out in the studio (my clubhouse, he called it)  listening to Anoushka Shankar and doing freestyle yoga. It was a rather lovely way to celebrate that at least one part of my studio is completed enough to enjoy. The rug is laid out again, the wifi hooked back up, and new shelves are in the corner holding my assorted technological equipment. Here’s a look at my technology corner:

Technology Corner

Next on my studio agenda is to finish a large piece that has been set aside for quite awhile.  Here’s a detail shot:

Detail, unfinished work

That’s a pink ladyslipper, in case you’re wondering.  I’m inspired to finish this piece by my new goddess statue that I purchased off Etsy.  I really love this woman’s work, and hope to have more of her figures!  Here’s a shot of the White Crackle Raku Goddess  in her temporary location in my studio:

White Crackle Raku Goddess by gislebertusYou’ll see why she’s inspiring me to finish the pink ladyslipper piece soon!


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