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First and foremost, I would like to invite you to listen my reading of one of my journal entries here.  It’s a very sweet mama story.  Still trying to figure out if an MP3 would be better than using Mac’s own set-up of sending a recording to iWeb.  It’ll take a little tweaking to get it all right, and I’ve still got a lot of learning to do, technologically speaking as well as otherwise, about recording, but made a goal for myself to start posting my reading of some of my writings on my blog and website.  The above link takes you to my first offering.  It’s a short piece, and the recording quality could be better— I need my techno super man (as in J) to come up to the studio and lend his omnisciencse in all things electronic.  Give it a listen, though!  It’s just a hair over three minutes long, and you can listen to my Southern voice. 

Not much else has happened in the studio, mostly due to sickness.  I do, however, have a series of progression photos from work I did last week on the untitled piece pictured here several weeks ago.  

Slow but steady wins the race, y’all!


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