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I’ve been working in my studio regularly, which is a tremendous change for me. I’ve written a full length essay on how I finally got to that point–which I might post here sometime. But I definitely will be posting images of two of my latest paintings, hopefully this afternoon. Things at the studio are marvelous. I download a ton of podcasts and set up a playlist everyday, which I then listen to as I paint. It’s incredible. My favorites: The New Yorker Fiction, Speaking of Faith, This American Life, and Selected Shorts. I also slide short podcasts like StarDate, Nature Watch, and Pulse of the Planet in between longer offerings.

Our little camera has been getting lots of use lately, so here’s a picture to share, of me and my darling:

Happy Friday, all!


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  1. I love picturing your studio. You always make life there seem so magical. You promised pics of that little bungalow. Still waiting …

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