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My studio is really close to my house, but certain features make it seem farther away. My house sits just outside of the bounds of the forest, while my studio sits just within. And up. My studio is up. So I walk into the forest, and up. Yesterday, just as I had stepped into the forest, a white flutter of wings streaked right before me, then landed in the twisting arms of a rhododendron only fifteen feet away from me. I gasped. Just as quickly as it landed it flew off again, obviously disturbed by my presence, but I saw enough of it to know what it was–a kestrel. I have never observed kestrels in the forest before, but I’m pretty sure that this is the bird that is nesting south of my studio, where the border of the forest bleeds from thick to overgrown pasture.

Many other wonderful things happened yesterday. I made a little notebook for myself. I call it my abundance notebook, and I’m using it to keep better track of my money. I know some people are born with this skill, or maybe just a natural ability to be organized, but I am only recently really getting the hang of it. This little book will help make the process more beautiful! I made it green, cause don’t we all know that’s the color of money, with graph paper and blank paper alternating on each page. This way I can make little notes and whatnot on the blank page, while the graph paper can be the "official" record.

The materials I used: graph paper (printed off the internet on 100%post-consumer recycled paper), recycled kraft cover stock, handmade paper purchased from my local tea~paper shop, a razor, a ruler, some green thread (not-pictured).

Here’s the finished product:

My wonderful hubbadoodle took my large tabletop (it’s 4′ x 8′ and is a huge collage under glass that heretofore had been sitting about eighteen inches off the floor) and made a table frame for it in my studio. This is very exciting, and maybe I can take some pictures today after I’ve cleaned up the space. Right now it’s a bit of a disaster because of all the rearranging. And all of this is just in time, as I received an exciting email from a gallery that I’ve been interested in for awhile. More on that when it’s all official.


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  1. Now that’s a great idea. And I could get started right away (unlikely). You know, the thing I love about this one is the graph paper. I just love graph paper! Isn’t that weird?

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