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Rain patters, mixed with fat snowflakes. Frost grooms himself at my feet, so I have to be careful of my toes. My house is especially clean, thanks to a visit today from my older sister, who lives an hour away. No, she didn’t clean it (wouldn’t that be something?)–but this morning the whole crew of us set about, under my direction, cleaning the house to a respectable (?) level. When she and her husband and son arrived, we shared a lunch of chicken salad wraps & hummus, and then we went out to the garden where they gathered two wheelbarrow loads of river rock for a project. I have lots of river rock in my garden as borders, but most of it I’ll be removing–soon!–and putting in raised beds, so the removal of this small amount of rock was helpful. It started to snow, and my sister and I headed to the hot tub for a long and lovely soak. It was especially nice to have the opportunity to converse with my sister without interruption or strain.

Friday I spent the entire workday in my studio. I haven’t done that in ages, I think, and it was sublime. Maybe it was part of the lingering magic of the lunar eclipse, coupled with my determination to get in there and do some work. I’m really excited about this painting I’m working on, and I want to keep this ball rolling, keep it out of corners, out from under the sofa, I want to keep it in my hands, keep it in the juggling mix.

In that vein, I’m looking at what projects I want to focus on in the studio. There’s the painting, yes, but also a collection of poems centered on mothering…I need to do something with those, keep them on the table, in the pot, watered, or they’ll just turn to letterdust in my computer. And then, the website, which I’ve left completely undone. Really, I’ve enough to keep me busy for three lifetimes, which I shall artfully stitch into this one, what with herbs in the garden, and children snoring in the night and whining in day, and paintings and words stewing on the back burner, with the occasional stir, adding a cup of water here and there, to keep the brew properly hydrated. Otherwise it sticks to the bottom of the pan, and I know what happens then, and it’s not pretty. One might call it rage. Yikes! Let’s not go down that path o’ brambles!

This week I’ll be applying for the St. James Court Art Show (did you read that, oh

ed one?). Placed chick order, they’ll be peeping over here in a month–isn’t it surreal that you can get chicks in the mail? As in chickens, not women, though you can get those, too, I guess. Ordered some more art supplies. Set out huge sheet of black paper for eclipse painting. Tomorrow morning: back in the studio, trading in rage for chocolate.


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  1. *crosses fingers*

    I’m really proud of you for doing all of the above, and totally stoked that you’re applying to the SJCAS.

    Yes, getting chicks in the mail is kind of funny. A lot funnier for the delivery person than getting a pound of honeybees in the mail, which my first husband and I did. The postman was not amused.

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