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I’ve spent the greater part of yesterday & today decluttering. I’ve been on this path for awhile now. I’m really amazed with the amount of stuff that cycles through my house.

I really do love organization. I love for everything to have its own little space. But my home is not so organized. There are lots of reasons for this, I think–just as there are lots of people living here–and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in clutter. But I’m learning that if I can’t think of where something belongs, then it might just be that I don’t need to hang on to it. So I move from space to space, tossing out some things, and making space for others that were wanted but just sort of floating around as clutter because they didn’t have a proper home.

Today I put up an entire box of photos that had been stashed in my desk drawers for over a year. And my three boxes of seeds have been sorted–the old packets gleaned, and the rest lovingly stashed in a little basket. School & art work has been sorted (and re-adored). Books that before were stacked in towers along the floor have been put away neatly on a shelf I usurped from McKinley. Truthfully, I did ask, and he did say it was OK.

Now it’s nearing time for bed, and I’m pretty much done. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and I’m going to wake up early and fix my darling coffee. Later we will have a fine gathering of friends & family and have a cook-out. He spent most of the day getting our solar-powered hot tub properly sorted out. It’s out on the deck, which is off of our bedroom, and almost more like a glorified balcony than a deck. The hot tub has its own nook and is set into the floor. It’s been waiting for some assorted tuning, and now it’s done. We should be soaking in it tomorrow night. Yeah.


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