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  1. I love the agonizing that people go through when a town decides to join the rest of society by selling alcohol. It’s been happening around here (puritan Massachusetts) pretty regularly. No pillars of salt or angels of death so far.

  2. Oh right . . . like no one goes to another county *already* to drink or buy liquor, then drives through Spruce Pine.

    We just watched a wonderful documentary called Hillbilly: The Real Story on the History Channel. It was rather eye-opening, covered a lot of history from the first white settlers through today, and didn’t shirk away from the fact that once moonshine, and now pot, is the main cash crop of Appalachia.

    It also covered snake handler churches.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this letter, I found it HI-larious! Something about mentioning pole dancing and adult book stores in regard to selling alcohol that previously could only be purchased by driving ten or twenty minutes further on… it really touches me. 😀

    with love, abigail

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