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Crow from "Seven Crows on the Edge of Dusk" a pastel painting by Stephanie Thomas Berry

There are seven crows in this painting, and this crow is the most detailed. Note the amount of golden leaves around her, for this will be of significance later. Also note her body language: wings half-lifted, her throat open in a hearty caw. She is facing to the left.

This crow is the main character of the painting Seven Crows at the Edge of Dusk. Crows are highly social creatures; whenever you see a murder of crows they are almost always a family group. So this crow is a matriarch of sorts, warning her family about some danger that remains unknown to us but whose presence we sense from her body language.

She is black with that lovely blue-sheen that crows have. The blue in her feathers is the same as the blue of the forest background beyond the golden leaves. Authors John M. Marzluff and Tony Angell have this to say about the black corvids in their book In the Company of Crows and Ravens :

The black plumage serves them well. Black feathers are stronger than less pigmented ones, and dark coloration both makes it easier for them to blend inconspicuously into the shadows to increase stealth or reduce predation and permits them to advertise themselves against contrasting backdrops when they wish to emphasize social signals.

This crow is clearly not disappearing into the shadows. She is using her black coat as an advertisement of her presence. She is wary. She is fearless.

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