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Sunday afternoon sketching. (Cyclamens).

I started this sketch last week with hopes of finishing it by Valentine’s Day.  I’m always nervous about filling out the potential of a sketch with color.  Sometimes a sketch evolves, and sometimes it gets ruined that way!

Adding a little green....

 Proceeding cautiously, I lined the leaf edges and then filled in the leaves with the lightest of their values.

Adding leaf detail...

Time for some detail!  Cyclamen have beautifully mottled leaves, which definitely took the most time!

Here it is complete and in its environment.  Definitely not by Valentine’s Day!

I enjoyed getting in a little watercolor practice–pastels are too messy for my journal.  I do love how watercolor lends itself to delicate layering, but pastel is my favorite medium because of its vibrant color.  They are three-dimensional on a tiny scale: light falling on pastel marks gets refracted by all those luscious pigment particles, making them particularly luminous. I just love that vibrancy!  What’s your favorite medium to play with?

And I hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely!


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  1. Thanks, everyone! Ruth, I am not sure that this image would work well with printing, but I will give it a try!

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