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Six Unknowns — 2 Comments

  1. OMG! the funny is strong with you. the rummy is *priceless* (said in mastercard voice)

    i sing in the car, too– er, truck rather. and i dance in my seat! oh, and i don’t sing in my indoor voice, either.

    i always thought i’d look dashing with a patch… argh, matey!

    in 6th grade i played tin man~ if i only had a heart, huh!

    grrrrreat! (tony the tiger voice here!!)

  2. well, I never thought of connecting with my inner pirrrate. Just call me Captain Brook.
    “I sail me ship on a tiny sea
    where rocks and trout and crawdads be
    if ye cross me path ye’ll meet me gun
    and I’ll rob ye of your innertube fun”


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