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OK. Let’s review here. It’s Christmastime. I have five kids. Three teenagers (adopted). Two in the throes of Santa-love.

McKinley: “Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a bat that is alive, a robot that does what you tell it, a batman suit with a mask that goes all the way over your head, and a grapnel gun. I Love you, McKinley”
(written with fancy spiralled letters and an illustration showing him leaning out his window yelling “thank you!” to Santa, who is flying overhead)

Renee: “Dear Santa, for Christmas I want a byutiful jress. I love you, Renee” (also written in spirally letters crammed nearly incoherently on the page)

It feels like all I’ve done for the past two days in shop via the internet, and tonight I’m going into the little city to Target for stocking stuffers (batteries, underwear, socks, art stuff…) If all goes as planned, I should be nearly done then. Whew!

I think Santa is going to bring McKinley a bat house in lieu of a real live bat. He’s so smart that way. 😉


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  1. Arrrgh! The Interactive robot! The Bane of my Santa existence! I almost had this one solved with a robotics kit which he and his Dad could do together. I might still go with that choice. But the robot that does what you say is not going to be coming this way. I just know that it will end up collecting dust or eating batteries. Anything really cool-looking in the robot world is so expensive! It’s part of the Santa equation: you never get everything you ask for.

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