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Hi. My name is Stephanie. I used to write here, at least a few times a week, but then my darling and I began the long-planned addition (of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one sunroom) onto our house. I am not complaining. Trust me. After not having a bedroom of our own for three years, well, I’ll make sacrifices. But. I have forgotten how to write. I’m quite certain of it, because I’ve been trying to write for day and days. And this is what comes out–things like: “The brown dog barked. The little boy howled. The noise was big.” Or. “There is a lot of dust. There is a lot of dust. There is still a lot of dust.” Hmmmm.

Still, it’s been worth it. I now have a room with a door that I can lock (to either lock my husband in, or out, but definitely to lock OUT children), and a bathroom, and a big closet, and windows. The only thing missing up here in my lovely room is carpet and paint and…furniture. I do have a mattress up here. Now I sleep without interruption, which means, I sleep. Like this morning. Until 9:30, and then I stayed up here and played I Ching. For hours. With the door locking everyone out. Yes!

Other news:
–Got big easel in studio. Very cool thing. Big vertical painting underway.
–Have purchased paint for new rooms: rich yellow bedroom, vivid violet hallway, lavender main room, glaring green for bert, soothing blue for rae…
–Husband gone on trip to visit sister and brother. Won’t be back till Tuesday. That’s me and five kids, no spousal unit. Locking door lots.
–Brother’s girlfriend is pregnant with twins. Very Good Thing(s).
–Children are sounding murderous downstairs.
–Must depart
–Love to all
–and to all a good night.


short sentences are better than none — 7 Comments

  1. LOL Oh, it’s such a pleasure to read anything by you that even the mention of dust (ptui ptui between fingers) isn’t a deterrent.

    Pictures of the new space, please?

  2. *big grin*

    (right now my two little ones are adorning me with jewelry, brushing my hair, and tenderly? shoving earrings in my ears)

    I’m in heaven.

  3. oh, thank you so much! and I should report that the children are playing happily downstairs now, filling the house with laughter and sunshine. : )

  4. All this sounds great and how, how have I missed all these posts?

    I felt like I was checking the LJ semi-regularly.

    *looks confused*

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