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A vertical panaroma of the forest behind my home

My blog is approaching the seven year mark!  When I started out in 2006 my youngest was four.  Now she is eleven!  I know, the math is simple, but looking over my shoulder the journey is staggering in its beauty.

We’ve had fun going back and reading some of those first entries, remembering “kissy sharks” and tea time.  I read these posts and laugh, but also wonder. What happened to my early blogging practice, when I mined each day for insight and beauty?

Of course when I started out I just wrote. No photos or mission statement. Now I’m told there needs to be a focus to each post, and a focus for the blog in its entirety, (instead of the meandering writing that took me back to my center, at night, after the kids were asleep, when I could sit and write out my day). And photos. There must be photos. Thank goodness for my awesome iphone camera, which makes that requirement a little easier to manage (see photo at left).  Also now there are amazing blogs at every internet corner.  Artists, bakers, crafters, homesteaders and homeschoolers. I have a huge subscription list that I go through three or so times a week, finding inspiration and resources that are uniquely personal.

But I miss that writing practice.  I miss sitting down and writing for an audience, pretend or otherwise, because it motivated me to refine my voice.  Obviously I’m still blogging, it’s just that at some point I gave up writing from a very personal level and tried to make my blog fit a formula. And I’m just not a formula person. I want to change that, toss out the formula.  I want to reintegrate that writing practice back into my life.  Because I need that.  Because through writing I find my way, my voice, the light in my darkness.

Thank you for joining me on the journey, if only for a few steps.


Seven Year Hump — 4 Comments

  1. this sept will mark mine and Stephens seventh year as well….damn that’s a long time lol

  2. Wow, Stephenie, that’s so funny…the (incorrect and grossly skewed) timeline in my head has these two events (my blogging beginnings and meeting you) as much farther apart than seven months. Don’t know why! But I do remember first meeting you…how our renovation was just framed in….that was a long time ago! Cheers to seven years of Stephanie’s/Stephenie’s! 🙂

  3. I would encourage you, dear friend, and everyone else, to toss the formula out the window and write from your heart. Let that unique light that shines from You, illuminate us all with its brightness! Namasté

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