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I made this book today in my studio. It will be the journal (holding thoughts, sketches, studies, dreams, journaling, photos) for an upcoming painting. All the papers and colors were chosen for specific reasons, which I will detail later.

It has all kinds of papers inside…


, for the creative connection!

The idea of crafting a book to accompany my bigger paintings came to me today, and I acted on it right away.  I hope to be making one within the next few days for the painting I’m working on now.  I had a nice long day in the stu.dio, which felt WONDERFUL, but now that I’m home I’m a bit whooped. 

One more thing.  A small pic of a rather large painting I finished recently.  The original is 18 x 39, and I’ll have  giclee prints that are 15 x 30.  The title of this piece is “Breathing Light.”

click for a larger view


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  1. oh, yes, it’s finished. i think of that studio often, how when i drove home and consequently for weeks sat on my porch every parcel of landscape looked like one of your paintings. how you capture so much of what’s there, include such life that’s generally missing from most l-scapes i’ve seen… i always think *oh, that light is just right*

  2. Yes! I’m working on that, not now, but later today maybe. Giclee is another word for expensive, actually. But they are expensive because they are GOOD & BIG. I don’t have prices yet (I’m sorting out a formula for that right now). But I’ll be able to offer them for wholesale, so maybe not so expensive. The print for “Breathing Light” is 15 x 30.

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