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When I started homeschooling McKinley and Renee, my idea was that we would spend a lot of time following our bliss.  I also knew enough from my experience with homeschooling my three older kids that the vision and the reality would not often meet.

But that is changing.   There are a lot of reasons for this, or maybe not.  Jay and I are getting up every morning and listening to something inspirational, usually something to do with the law of attraction.  We had a practice of this some years ago and the happiness we sowed was reaped almost daily.  So there’s that.  Also I have been exercising on my mini-trampoline on a daily basis, which seems to have a very beneficial effect on my whole being.  I’m calm, more organized, and have more get-up-and-go energy.   And flaxseeds are awesome, I eat them everyday!

So there are all these little changes, simple, beautiful things, that have also brought about a richer life experience for all of us.  Today would be the perfect example of this.  We read together in the morning (The Invention of Hugo Cabret), had a great breakfast, and then played with our new compass set, making designs and coloring them in with the brilliant color of Berol Prismacolor pencils.

Later in the afternoon we went down to the river, where I found this serendipitous clump of daffodils blooming.  They were happy to be photographed.  Renee meandered about, chatting me up with her delightful observations.

Daffodil SurpriseDaffodil Surprise

Then we rediscovered our patch of ramps, as we do every Spring. and dug some up for dinner!  Ramps, or Allium tricoccum, are a wild member of the onion family, with a strong garlic onion flavor.  They appear in early Spring and are an Appalachian favorite.  We also discovered that the mint was sprouting and collected some tops of mint as well for our first cup of fresh mint tea this year.

Our Patch of Ramps
Our Patch of Ramps

Then McKinley had his own ramp to show off!  I love the look of determined exhilaration of his face. He made sure I got this photo, arguing with me a bit about whether the flash should be on or off, and what settings I should have on the camera.

Ramp it UpRamp it Up

And here is our ramp-corn-cheddar quiche, along with some of our drawings from the morning, and a quart of delicious mint tea.  The banana cookies are not shown, but I can assure you they were delicious.  And my house is still clean.

The Fruits of the Day, Including OrangesThe Fruits of the Day


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