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I am at my sister’s house, where I am spending the night. McKinley is already snoring in the half-dark, Renee seems to be on her way there. Tomorrow morning we will head out bright and early for Jackson, for the long-awaited trip to visit my other sister and her five month old baby. It will be a very short trip, but I will put as much love into every second as I can possibly muster.

Today was the climax of tax preparation for me. I’d finally gotten nearly everything done last night, and tidied up a few loose ends this morning. We had an eleven o’clock phone appointment with our tax preparer, and by eleven I was ready. Only she wasn’t, and this created a log jam of sorts for me, with all the other things I needed to take care of piling up while we waited for that phone call. I had bills to pay and no idea of whether or not I’d have the money to pay them until I had an idea of how my taxes would turn out. I got all bent out of shape–more so than I’ve been lately–and then had a rather major, though quiet, argument with J. And it was raining and raining and raining.

By late afternoon there was still no phone call, but I’d laid out the bills for J, with little stickies noting which ones to pay and in which order. Abby was around, steadying me with her calm presence. J and I had sorted things out, mostly, but now he was famished, irritable, and ready to make the trek to Asheville. I went back to the house to pack.

I’m not much of a packer. I threw some things in my basket. Our tax preparer called while I was doing this, and the news was good. Such a weight off my shoulders, I can’t even begin to really describe that. And then, outside, the rain was still falling, but the sunlight was brilliant and golden, and there in the East, a rainbow, as close and as low as I’ve ever seen. “Rainbow! Rainbow! Rainbow!” I cried, and rushed out onto the deck to greet it.

When I get back this weekend things will be different. The stresses of the past few weeks will be washed away. Bills will be paid. Chicken pox will be gone. J is getting work again, indeed it’s coming in droves. I’ll be able to work on my projects again, to have more breathing space. And this mini-vacation couldn’t come at a better time. With all the stress I’ve been under, it will be perfect to go away and come home again to greening mountains, refreshed and eager to jump back into the tumble and tug of life at Berrytown.


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