My mother calls, another one of those random calls that is not so random, a quick thought, the press of numbers, a door opening for grace to flow between us.

“Did you call me today?” she asks. “My phone says you called on the twenty-fifth and…wait….is today the twenty-fifth?” Then she laughs, “Oh, no, that was yesterday! Well, how are you? What are you doing right now?”

I am so like my mother, I can only laugh at her lack of orientation in such things as the number of the day, and I answer her, “Oh, you know, the most exciting things. I am hanging up laundry, and picking up all the child-litter in my house, and I spent a good part of my morning trying to straighten out records for the assorted schools my children attend.”

“Oh, well, while I’m talking to you, there’s a quote, I must share it with you,” she tells me, her bright voice mirroring her heart. And when I hear it—something about pray being an intergral thread in the fabric of the Universe–I know how to translate it to my own tongue, how to pull out it’s meaning in my own language of Spirit. For I’ve come to understand that true religion—not the fundamentalist type, but the kind that’s a path to God, the kind that is about compassion and love—true religion always translates into a deeper spiritual meaning. Because it’s all a path up the same mountain–the mountain of human life, to some ineffable summit. My mother tells me, “When you are hanging out your laundry, when you are sweeping your floor, say prayers for someone, anyone, and when you do this, God will give you people to pray for, and your prayers do make a difference. They really do.”

She pauses for a moment and then she says, “Fill every corner of your house with prayer.”

I think about the corners of my house, and the spiders that live there. Perhaps I can ask the spiders to hold my prayers, to weave them in their dusty corners. And then I think about God. My mother speaks of God as if “He” is the Creator, above us, sending love down. I think of “God” as the inherent deep consciousness of ALL, what dwells after we have alll gone so deep into ourselves that we have merged into the All Consiousness, something we are all part of, Supreme Consciousness. That my Supreme Consciousness and her God are both one and the same, that mine is just a little more abstract, or scientific, in a sense, and hers is more Christian, well, it doesn’t really matter, does it? And when I pray, what am I doing? I don’t know for sure, but I know that my mother’s prayers do matter. Because my mother is moved by Spirit, by the voice of intuition, to do things, pray things, say things, and because of this she has had a positive effect on the world. I know that she’s been praying for some woman she met while visiting here, some woman at a restaurant, a waitress, downtrodden, who was snarly to her, but who somehow touched my mother with her suffering. She’s been praying for this woman for years. And I think there’s an incredible beauty to that, a connectedness that we don’t acknowledge in this crazy culture. She’s saying “you and I are, in the most profound and deep way, the same, a part of God, and because you are suffering, because you are separate from the Oneness that is God, then I will pray it for you, I will use my words and my time and my thoughts and my heart to acknowledge that Oneness for you.”

I know that there have been scientific studies both affirming the power of prayer and refuting it. Somehow I think we might be missing the point, though. Certainly things will be as things will be, in the great scope of the Universe. But what if. What if we all got down on our knees. Every single one of us. Every human. And we prayed for the healing of the Earth. For peace on Earth. What if we all did that. I don’t care if that’s not a possibility. Just imagine for a moment that we did. Pray to the All Consciousness. Would something change if we all did that, for a moment, every single one of us, surrendering ourselves to the grace of what is more than us, together? Or would it all stay the same? Could you look at the stranger on the street in the same way, knowing that he too was on his knees, acknowledging his Oneness? That somehow in the core of each of us there was the spark of something that we all shared, and that no matter what makes us separate, that spark united us all, released us from the bounds of today, and put us in the realm of something eternal. Everyone surrendered to that power, that grace, that spirit.

And what if, what if on some level, in some way that we are not conscious of, we are praying, we are acknowledging our oneness. What would that mean?

And my motherspirit says:  
Take a deep breath. We are all breathing the same air. That is your prayer.


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  1. Ugh, I try not to ask to repost the same person too often, but your posts are just too good! May I reprint this in with the usual disclaimers – credit to you, link to your post, comments turned off so that people will come here if they have somethign to say?

    This is such a beautiful thought that I’d love to share it.

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