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Last Saturday was my kids’ fourth piano recital.  I am always so inspired by these annual piano recitals, which start with the sweet beginners and end with high school pianists tackling difficult pieces beautifully.  This year was no exception, and I was extra proud of my kids because they each got an award for practicing 130 days in a row.  Just so you know, that is not an easy thing to take up at first, especially when you live a life of less structure than the rest of society, but now it’s almost automatic.  And it shows in their playing!

So I am attempting to win a similar award for myself, as in the Painting Every Day Award, though obviously if I want a nifty plaque like they got I’ll have to order it for myself.  Which would be kinda weird.  And anyway I think the practice itself would yield the reward.  If I can get there.  This week I’ve missed a few days, and today the power at my studio is out, which sometimes happens when it rains, but I came up anyway and worked on a little mandala watercolor and then my magnolia piece. Hopefully I used the right blues for the sky, it was kinda hard to see in my darkened studio! I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.  I’m posting photos of this piece as it comes along on my facebook page, if you’re interested.


I’m painting this little mandala with the intention of magnetic love.  It is painted as a meditation for someone I know who doesn’t know about it (yet!).  What’s is really interesting to me is this idea of painting with pure thought and intention.  It is very hard to do.  My mind wanders while I’m painting, and the idea is to saturate the mandala with intention, so as to create a resonance, if you will.  The geometry creates its own  own vibration, and I am layering another on top of it.  So I am praciticng fusing this prayer, this intention, into the design.  It’s definitely taking painting to another level for me.  I mean, every painting starts with some sort of prayer, or energy– an intention to express and amplify a beautiful thought or feeling, but to hold that energy through the entire process of a painting’s creation is something I have not really attempted before.  But I’m going to keep at it, because I have some really big paintings in mind for which I will need to have mastered this skill.


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