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Denali with Shaving Cream

This is my son.* He is covered in shaving cream. Because we had a shaving cream fight. In the car.

I won.

But only because I invoked Driver’s Rights. As in The Right To Proceed Undistracted (which, I might add, is always infringed upon when driving with my kids, but maybe that’s only my experience and other children in other cars behave in a more moderate fashion?) and the Right To Slap And Spread Shaving Cream All Over My Son Without Reciprocation While Driving.  Maybe you didn’t know you had that right, but let me assure you, if you are the mother of a thirteen-year-old boy, you have that right.

I will not go into what happened after we had arrived home and I could no longer invoke Driver’s Rights. You can use your imagination for that.

What I do want to say is PLAYFULNESS!  Like a cheer, “Hip hip hooray PLAYFULNESS!”

Has it been missing from your life, like it has been from mine? I could go into how important playfulness is but that wouldn’t be very fun, would it? Because we all might then think, “Oh my god, I need to have more playfulness in my life, I need to put it on the calendar or something,” or, “How depressing, my life has no playfulness. Now I feel even worse.”  And of course we can see how ridiculous we are to ourselves, or at least, I can see how ridiculous I am sometimes, about life, and how serious I can be. And maybe you are that way, too.

So I’ve made a list. Lists are very popular on the internet, I think, because they are almost little action plans, things we can do right away  to improve our lives. So here’s my list.

1. F*#k lists.
2. Shut your computer, put down your phone (after reading the rest of this list).
3. Go outside with a cup of water, a bottle of shaving cream, or some other benign liquid. Water is best, though, because it is The Stuff of Life and loves Joy.
4. Call your teenager, husband, or other unsuspecting loved one outside.
5. Douse them with water.

Now, if this elicits anger from the loved one, he or she is seriously play-deprived and you may need to douse them repeatedly while also supplying them with their own supply of water so that they may exact their revenge upon you. You must sacrifice yourself for their well-being. It will be OK, though.  Everyone wins in this game.

*I had to pay my son to use his picture for this post.


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  1. Hummmm, along time ago, I can sort of remember……playfulness!! I’m afraid of it now, I might break something trying to play! U0001f60a U0001f609 U0001f604

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