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  1. Plans?

    So, you’re putting on an addition, eh? I pray that will be easier than starting a 4300 sqft timber-frame, SIP panel, 72-window, 3 bath, 3 (soon to be 4) bedroom from scratch. It’s taken us since 1999 (that’s when we bought the property) to build our dream house. In the meantime, we’ve lived at my mother’s, moved maybe 5 times and rented.

    In that time, I’ve developed a vast amount of patience, given up on deadlines and got very Zen about it. The house will be done when the house is done. It’s my personal koan.

    I send Good Building Thoughts.

    Love and Architecture,

  2. Re: Plans?

    Wow! I hope it’s easier than that, too! What’s SIP panel, by the way? I am guessing that if you are doing the sheetrock it won’t be too much longer…am I right? *fingers crossed*

    I want to know more about this house. What an immense gigantic project! Good Luck!

    Love and Thoughts of Project Completion,

  3. Just a note about cob houses, garnered from my ex husband who is not just a builder, but a craftsman.

    Cob houses, despite PR, do not hold up. You *will* have to repair/replace/rebuild in 5 – 10 years.

  4. Thanks for the heads up. We had a consultation of sorts with some friends of ours today, and we are going to skip the cob. We are really excited about all the nifty things we’re going to be doing! I’m going to have to take before and after pics, because the transformation is going to be miraculous!

  5. LOL Just count on it taking about twice as long as anticipated. All construction projects are like that.

    Yes, please post pictures! Speaking of pictures, I found my camera. I hadn’t left it in Nashville after all. It was hiding under the bottom partition of the rolling duffel bag I’d packed. Sigh . . .

    I’ll get the pictures of the spirit houses later today.

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