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The yellow jeep is back. The jeep driven by my neighbor who—what’s the word—hmm—by my neighbor who resents me. Yes yes, resent is the right word, not too harsh, certainly not an overstatement. I am driving the little ones to preschool. The Earth sparkles with sunlight and dew, flush with birdsong. On the driver’s side door of her jeep she’s plastered a large green peace sign. The irony is not lost on me. A deep laugh bellows up and up from my belly. My heart softens a bit, too.  Perhaps she wants to make some sort of gesture of reconciliation. I drive on, singing happily with my little ones. I can feel a change in myself regarding this matter of neighborhood resentment. There are no hungry shadows, only a glow of  self-love embracing me. The arrows of blame rot in the seeping dew of morning.
Driving back I determine to keep my heart open. A peace sign is a peace sign, and it garners my respect. As I turn into our shared drive, my neighbor has just walked across it. She does not turn. She does not pause. She keeps walking. I chuckle, shake my head, and ease past to my beloved home. 

Her resentment might live in her, but it will not live in me. I bless her on her path.


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  1. I so wish I could do things like that; I would have have popped one of her tyres after she went in the house…

    … I am a monkey though…

  2. I have heard that sugar, when added to the gas tank, can wreak havoc with a car’s engine. A jeep IS much like a car. Neighbors are usually good for a cupa’ sugar. A peace sign, when turned around, and give a slightly upwards gesture is the old lady two finger, but sometimes that isn’t clear enough for the stupid, so if you curl your index finger towards your hand, it leaves the middle one free to do the talking. You shore are nice.

  3. You are on the correct path ~ I think that’s all that really matters.

    Hang tough, but gently, Grasshopper!

  4. Well thank you. I will do that. But for now I am going to go eat all her fine garden plants, just like any other normal Grasshopper would. Care to join me? 😉

  5. lasers

    Darth and Sith are on a different level of evil than mere human neighbors. They scoff at sugar, and I’ve heard that when you laser lop their heads, two more grow back in their place. yick

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