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There are a few things I do every holiday season–handmade cards top that list, and I’ve been working on those for a few days now,  but I think the snowflakes are getting out of hand.  I am becoming obsessed with cutting snowflakes!  There are little bits of white paper everywhere!  Obviously I need to clean up after myself.  But it’s so hard to do that when you know another snowflake is just around the bend.

Paper Snowflakes


More Paper Snowflakes

And More Snowflakes

I think that once I learned how to properly fold the paper to get a six-pointed snowflake I was able to channel true snowflake energy, which makes it a lot more fun.  Now if we could just get some real snow!

Tonight we will get out the boxes of Holiday Goodies and decorate our tree!  It is a very prickly blue spruce, with a root ball.  Hopefully it will not be so prickly that we will still love it after loading it down with decorations, so that we can serenade it with O Tannenbaum.  Regardless, come the New Year we will stick it back in the earth, and hopefully continue to grow.  We have a two out of three success rate with our root ball Christmas trees so far.

What’s your holiday obsession?  Is it catching?  My kids have been snipping away at folded paper today, tripling the amount of happy white paper scraps that scatter about.  It is so rewarding to unfold the paper snowflakes, to see the fullness of your design.


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  1. You are truly a snow flake master! I’ve been working on the crochet variety ….

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