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October Hawthorns
October Hawthorns

I’ve been slammed with a lot of work lately–tax prep (whew, that’s done!), hosting a baby shower for my oldest daughter (yes, you read that right!), and getting pieces framed and ready for the OOAK Gallery in Micaville, NC.  I also have work now in the TRAC Galleries in both Burnsville and Spruce Pine, NC–cards, prints, and originals.  More on those in a bit.  The piece above is hanging in the OOAK Gallery, and I really do love the vivid color and lacy branches of this piece.  Also in that gallery is “Bluets” a tiny painting of blue-faced joy:


I’ve also spent a good bit of time recently getting my cards ready.  I found a wonderful and luscious rag paper for them and I’m really pleased with the results.  The images are lush and crisp and the paper feels like velvet.  They are lovingly packaged in little sleeves of a biodegradable plant-based plastic alternative, and come with a 100% post consumer waste recycled envelope.    Soon I’ll be opening up a new Etsy shop–themagicofhands.etsy.com— (it’s empty right now) and you will be able to purchase them there!  It’s all part of my big plan to take over the world with magic and beauty.


All of this work has thrown me off-center a little bit, and I’ve still got some deadlines to meet.  But Monday and today I was able to slow down just a little bit and get my bearings.  I transplanted kale and cabbage and collards into the garden, then mapped out my planting schedule according to signs of the moon (see thealmanack.com).  I got a small bit of time in the studio.  I read some cool stuff with my kids, and played math games.  I cleaned.

And all the while I asked myself, “Where is my joy?”  Which is not to say that I an unhappy, but that after several weeks of stressing about an assortment of things, I feel the need to get centered, find my North Star, and adjust my inner workings accordingly.   And my center is without question my relationship to the earth, the ground that I walk on, the earth that feeds me and adorns my world with beauty.

So tomorrow is Wednesday, the weather forecast fine.  I’m hoping for one of those magical days of sunlight and exploding green.  I want to walk barefoot in my garden, survey the new strawberry patch, weed another herb bed.  I want to walk down to the river and find wildflowers, toothwort would even suffice.  I want to fill my day with beauty, and let Spring’s magic flow through me.  Then I can move on to other deadlines, other obligations, my compass set.


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