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Journal with Chiyogami Covers

I had a great splurge to celebrate my birthday last week. It feels like I’ve been gathering materials for this next journey around our beloved Sun. One of my splurges was this handmade journal. Though I’ve been in the practice of making my own journals for several years, I simply haven’t had the time, and so I ordered one from this Etsy shop.  It wasn’t easy finding a journal with a chiyogami cover, and these are my favorites. Perhaps in my spare time I should become a bookmaker of chiyogami covered journals.  Spare time.  What a joke!

Painting Patterns in Nature

It has been so refreshing to have a handmade book in which to journal again. Yes, I am spoiled. I’ve also been  collecting patterns from Nature on Pinterest.  It is SO MUCH FUN to paint these patterns in the morning alongside my writing. Love this practice!

And I’ve been finding my own patterns to photograph, because of course they are everywhere:


the feminine lusciousness of an unfurling peony


the linear gills of a mushroom that sprouted up in my garden, purportedly from the wood mulch I used last year.

Dewdrops on Lady's Mantle #dewdrops #herb

And dewdrops on the leaves of my Lady’s Mantle.

I hope you are enjoying sunshine and patterns of beauty in your own life! I feel like it is so important to surround ourselves with beauty and light, and to that end, I am now departing on a hike. Bon Voyage!


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