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  1. Certainly I have always arranged my compositions and chosen my colors intuitively.

    you’ve had a lifetime in western culture and you are observant, why wouldn’t you intuitively grasp the techniques of western art?

    by saying that, I am not condemning studying techniques for poetry, art, anything. It’s very usefel. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The wheel is their for us to enjoy. We can stand on the shoulders of giants, but I know quite a few people who are strong adherents to the rule of thirds, and leading lines, design yet, they’d wouldn’t be able to tell you that. i remember complimenting someone on their framing once, and they were all like, what’s that? and I was all like, nothing. It doesn’t matter.

    yet, story, feeling, following your muse etc -those are key to good art.

    in my opinion

  2. Just as a casual question . . . and I realize that unless you know other works by the award winners you really can’t answer this . . . but do you think anyone painted “to” the judges?

    I agree that the headstones make the picture. Your work is, as always, boldly magnificent.

  3. I think these are both quite lovely, but I agree that the tombstones are necessary to the story. It’s too bad you ran out of time, but it’s also cool that you learned so much from the experience.

    BTW, Ecstasy is still in the process of being flattened, and I can hardly wait to get it on the wall! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the affirmation there of how I really feel about art, too. I feel like I could read one or two good books about painting, and come away with some new tools for telling a story, but also, I’m going to paint the way I want!

  5. It seems quite possible that some people might have painted to the judges. The first prize piece I didn’t really care for at all, as a matter of my own personal taste, but it was painted by an old man who seemed too dignified to paint for someone else. The second place painting was in my opinion really good, by a woman who is clearly skilled with plein air painting. The third place painting might have been painted for the judge, and wasn’t that compelling at all to me. The judge was impressed with that painter’s skill with greens. All in all, the paintings that won were very typical plein air paintings-soft and more a study in color and value…

    I have a very big smile on my face over “boldly magnificent.” That just made my day!

  6. I love your work. Would you be interested in designing a tattoo for me? For years I’ve wanted some kind of orby image. Send an email if interested in a skin commission! (I’m serious!)

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