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Yesterday I finished mandala #5 in my rainbow of mandalas!  It is totally my favorite of the pack so far, probably because it’s a septagram-heptagon-seven-sided starry thing, in blue.

But I don’t have any pictures for you because it was late when I finished it and my family was chomping at the bit for me to come down from my studio so we could have dinner.  Also it was very cold last night so once I was fed and warm by the wood stove I did not want to go back up to the studio to take a picture.

And I probably won’t get a chance to take photos of it today, because we are going to Ocracoke tomorrow and I have the requisite huge list of things to get done before departure, coupled with the pre-trip anxiety, plus food preparations.  Also my two pups got into the trash last night and exploded a bag of trash.  As in exploded-because-we-grabbed–every-last-morsel-of-trash-from-the-bag-and-chewed-it-to-death-with-our-shredding-teeth-because-you-were-asleep-and-we-missed-you-and-we-were-thinking-of-you-and-could-not-bear-the-loneliness-of-the-night.

Simon:  Guilty as charged.


So, we are coming up on Thanksgiving, and on that note I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all my readers (All three of you!  You know who you are!) for sticking with me, and liking my posts, and not leaving snarky comments like, “Stephanie, this photograph really sucks.  Why don’t you use autofocus?  Duh.”  I actually made my first sale out of my re-named and thus brand-new Etsy shop (thank you, B.R.!  xoxoxo!) and I’m particularly excited about offering my rainbow mandala series there, soon!  Soon is such an ambiguous word.  Should I give myself a deadline?  Please keep the following in mind if you decide to actually answer that rhetorical question:

snatched off of facebook and slightly altered


Anyway, I am trying to think of ways to show you all my gratitude, and also make a big to-do about my shop’s Grand Opening (right now it is Secretly Open), which will happen when I finish that rainbow,  soonish.  But for now, just let me say, thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.  May your Thanksgiving be blessed and delicious.

p.s.  I do have some new features on my website.  If you want to receive my blog posts via email you can sign up for that in the sidebar.  Hopefully it will work, I don’t know, nobody has signed up yet.  But don’t worry, my feelings aren’t hurt.  Also, I’m planning on sending out newsletters in the new year, and if you are interested in that you can sign up further down the sidebar.  And (I promise this is the last thing) I re-wrote my about page to more properly reflect my true character.


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