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  1. Darling! A visit would be most welcome! We’ve got an open door policy around here, which for now means when we get back from the beach a cousin I’ve seen maybe twice in the last ten years will be camping on our Riverland with her small family AND a German family (mom and two kids) will be coming for an extended stay. We are a vacation destination. Read that with a commercial voice.

  2. Wife Swap – Don’t do it

    Are you absolutley certain that you (and your children) will be okay and untouched after being subjected to the scrutiny and judgements of millions of people? When you are paraded, not in the loving light you all have for eachother but in the light of the media which likes nothing more than to make money at the expense of humiliating others, in front of cameras, and you have no control over how the film is edited, you may not be happy with your optimistic reasons for choosing to do this show.

    It sounds to me like you have created a lovely world for yourself and your family; and that it is kept,on purpose, away from the craziness of this world. Why on earth expose yourself to that craziness? Nothing could be worth losing the serenity and sanity you seem to have created. Please reconsider. I have seen first hand what exposure to the insensitive and uncaring world can do. These people do not care one iota for you or your family. They are motivated purely by greed and fame. From reading your journalings, you seem to be motivated by just the opposite. Please, please, please reconsider; please don’t bring poison into your life and the lives of your children. Continue to protect them in that haven that you have created. If you subject yourselves to the scrutiny of this show, you may never recover. It could change you and your children in ways that you could not ever expect. There is nothing worse than regret. I know!

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